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The first ultrasonic toothbrush and other pet care equipment for animals!

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Optimal nail care and individual design with Emmi®-Nail

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The first ultrasonic toothbrush and other pet care equipment for animals!

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Optimal nail care and individual design with Emmi®-Nail

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Ultrasound care for face and body

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and accessories at Ultraschall-Welt

Product tester campaign at herz-fuer-tiere.de: emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush EVALUATIONS 

The packaging of the toothbrush is very high quality and immediately gives an impression of superior quality. The scope of delivery was very extensive and we were able to use the toothbrush after 12 hours of charging. My dogs are not used to brushing their teeth and so we started slowly by first letting them sniff the toothbrush. What was very unusual at first is that the EmmiPet makes no noise or movement. You can only tell that it is on by the green light, and that only works when the brush head is on.

Of course, this was a blessing for getting the dogs used to it, as they were not afraid. 

We applied some toothpaste daily and held the EmmiPet on each tooth for 5sec. They didn't like the taste at first, but after 7 days they took it calmly. On days when we couldn't do it so persistently, I applied the dental care gel supplied to the back of the molars. 

After the first applications, there was already a clear reduction in loose tartar and dirt on the teeth. Now after 2 weeks of use, the inflamed areas have become less and even the stubborn plaque is slowly dissolving. I am very surprised about this effect and am glad that my dogs can now be spared a dental rehabilitation under anaesthesia.

The effort was quite big in the beginning, because the dogs were of course not enthusiastic. But now it is going quite well and we have changed the interval to every 3 days.

(Manon Grossmann, Borkow)

We have been using the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for about 2 weeks.After an initial period of getting used to it, our dog can be "treated" with it without stress.We practised with the brush head every day, first the dog was allowed to sniff and lick it, and also the toothpaste. Only after a few days did we put the head on the hand part and start actively cleaning.We were able to notice visible success on the outer sides of the teeth quite quickly, the inner sides are a little more difficult, but even that can be done with a little practice. All in all, the plaque has already become much less in this short time and if we save our dog an expensive dental treatment under anaesthesia with this toothbrush, the emmi-pet ultrasonic brush is definitely worth its price.

(Manu Goebel, Schwalbach)

The handling of the toothbrush is quite easy and it also has a good effect, as some tartar has already come loose from my dog's teeth.The brush had a dark colour.The first time I brushed it was difficult because my dog didn't really want to.The more often you do it, the easier it gets as he gets used to it.He seems to like the toothpaste, he always starts sucking on it with his tongue.With a little practice, I can recommend the Emmi ultrasonic toothbrush. My dog's bad breath has improved, but it hasn't gone away completely. Maybe it will improve with more frequent use.

(Dörte Sladek, Kaufbeuren)

The handset must first be charged, which takes 24 hours and is indicated by the blue LED. When the LED goes out, the battery is full.

The brush attachments are easy to put on and take off, but still fit well.Starting point: My dog is a 3.5 year old Tervueren Belgian Shepherd, she has severe discolouration on her canine teeth and lighter plaque on her molars.No bad breath.She has a very good trust relationship with me.Is a certified rescue dog, accordingly she has a settled character and is not fearful.

First application: My dog looks at me a bit sceptically, but lets it pass, she tries to wipe the toothpaste away with her tongue. Since the toothbrush doesn't vibrate and doesn't make any noise, she doesn't have much of an aversion.

For me, it's rather strange that I don't need pressure or movement when brushing.Light dirt and deposits are gone after 2-3 uses.The solids weaken a little, but are still there.I can't say after such a short time whether they will go away. I think the Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush is a good choice for a normal dog/human relationship. With very anxious dogs, it needs patience and a careful approach so that the dog doesn't build up an aversion. Since the device doesn't vibrate or make any noise, it's really just getting used to the device here.

I have not yet tested the Orozyme dental care gel, as I consider the Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush to be more important and did not want to falsify the test.

(Manuela Trendelberend, Gütersloh)


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Dr. Dagmar Brunner has a doctorate in veterinary medicine (LMU Munich) and has had her own practice since 1985. After further education and training, her specialities are homeopathy, acupuncture and alternative veterinary medicine (holistic medicine). In 1994 she successfully completed her training as an animal kinesiologist with additional training in sensitivity training.

Why is the use of emmi®-pet recommended in addition to professional tartar removal at the vet? And how often should emmi®-pet be used (daily, weekly, monthly)?

Regular use of emmi®-pet prevents renewed tartar infestation. Painful inflammations of the gums are reduced and existing inflammations heal through the use of the ultrasonic toothbrush. The gums are strengthened and remain healthy. The frequency of use of emmi®-pet depends on the condition of the dog's gums and teeth. If the ultrasonic toothbrush is used daily, only parts of the teeth can be scaled, as tartar forms particularly quickly on the fangs. For a weekly treatment, I recommend cleaning the entire set of teeth.

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Should emmi®-pet be used daily as prophylaxis or can the ultrasonic toothbrush also be used to remove existing tartar?

The ultrasonic brush can be used daily, but it does not have to be. In the end, the use depends on the dog and the condition of the teeth. As a rule, smaller breeds are much more susceptible to tartar build-up than larger specimens. With emmi®-pet, even existing tartar can be removed without any problems. Of course, the less tartar build-up there is, the easier and quicker it is to remove. Therefore, I advocate using the ultrasonic brush as prophylaxis and not only when the teeth are already decayed.

What diseases can be prevented by regular use of the ultrasonic toothbrush?

With regular use, gingivitis can be prevented and tartar formation can be prevented. The ultrasonic toothbrush strengthens the gums and thus ensures healthy teeth.

What experiences have you had with the emmi®-pet so far?

I have only had the best experiences with the ultrasonic toothbrush and recommend it again and again to the majority of my clients. I use emmi®-pet regularly in my practice, even when I have to put dogs under anaesthesia because of severe gingivitis, the ultrasonic toothbrush is often my tool of choice. This is because, unlike conventional instruments, tartar can be removed easily and quickly with emmi®-pet. The ultrasound kills the bacteria that lead to the painful inflammation in the first place and the inflamed gums regenerate quickly thanks to the gentle ultrasound.

For me, there is no gentler and more effective method than the ultrasonic toothbrush. That's why I like to give emmi®-pet to dog owners to spare their four-pawed partner unnecessary anaesthesia. In the meantime, I have also bought the ultrasonic brush for humans and am thrilled. And what is so good for me can only be the best for my four-legged friend.

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Dr. Isabella Kühn holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and is a pioneer in veterinary dentistry. With over 30 years of professional experience in this specialised field, she was one of the first veterinarians in Germany to dedicate herself exclusively to the dental health of dogs and cats as early as 1985. In the course of her specialisation, she acquired both national ("Zusatzbezeichnung Zahnheilkunde") and international titles ("Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (USA)" and "Diplomate of the European Veterinary Dental College" (EVDC)) and is a sought-after speaker at home and abroad in this specialist field.

For which dogs is the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush suitable?

The ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. There are no restrictions here.

From what age can I use emmi®-pet?

There is nothing to be said against using emmi®-pet right after the change of teeth. On the contrary, it has advantages: the dog is already accustomed to the application at a young age and the formation of tartar is slowed down, in some cases even prevented.

Does emmi®-pet attack my dog's tooth structure?

The gentle ultrasound used cleans the dog's teeth very gently and does not attack the dog's tooth structure.

How do I get my dog used to using emmi®-pet?

Dogs react very differently to the use of the soundless and vibrationless ultrasonic toothbrush. Habituation through direct conditioning with positive reinforcers such as treats usually shows quick success. In this way, dog owners teach their pet in small steps and with a lot of praise to keep still while using emmi®-pet.

Should emmi®-pet be used daily as prophylaxis or can the ultrasonic toothbrush also be used to remove existing tartar?

I recommend using the device as prophylaxis to reduce the formation of plaque and keep the dog's teeth healthy.

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RENATE POMP: We (Bettina Ficner, Sandra Piazza-Wagener, Renate Pomp) sounded in short intervals. After a short pause, the dog owner, who had no experience with the emmi®-pet, pushed the tartar plate down with her fingernail with a little pressure on our instruction.

We, Bettina Ficner, long-time member of the Terrier Klub, Sandra Piazza-Wagener and I, were at the Special exhibition of the Terrier Klub e.V. in Bensheim on 9.7.2017.

After the actual show we did a separate demonstration for the members of the club, as they were busy entertaining the exhibitors all day. This is how this result came about.

With this action we triggered a collective order of the Terrier Club. Bettina's website will appear on their homepage in the future. We have already been invited for further events." - Renate Pomp, July 2017


INGE DORNBACH: Cala accepts the use of emmi®-pet. The application is so easy. It is gentle and beneficial for our dog. She always had to be taken to the vet once a year for a professional cleaning under anaesthetic. Now I finally have a realistic and much gentler alternative - thanks to emmi®-pet." - Inge Dornbach, Vienna


DIETMAR RENNER: We have been using the emmi®-pet for almost a month now. In the meantime, our Pluto has become well accustomed to brushing his teeth. The result is simply sensational. I don't regret putting a friend's recommendation into practice! Our dog's tartar has completely disappeared after a few applications and the gums have also regenerated. My compliments to the "makers"! Simply great..." - Dietmar Renner, Linz

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In July 2016, Emmi-pet was certified as an animal welfare-friendly product by the Fachstelle für tiergerechte Tierhaltung und Tierschutz (FTT) in Austria and was awarded the official animal welfare label. You can find the entire expert opinion at www.tierschutzkonform.at.



Products bearing the animal welfare label are guaranteed to comply with Austrian animal welfare regulations.


Labelled products provide protection and well-being for animals.


The independent inspection by the expert body guarantees compliance with animal welfare conditions.


Products bearing the animal welfare label set a visible sign for animal welfare.