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The first ultrasonic toothbrush and other pet care equipment for animals!

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Optimal nail care and individual design with Emmi®-Nail

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Ultrasound care for face and body

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and accessories at Ultraschall-Welt

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The first ultrasonic toothbrush and other pet care equipment for animals!

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Optimal nail care and individual design with Emmi®-Nail

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Ultrasound care for face and body

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and accessories at Ultraschall-Welt

Ultrasonic toothbrushes for animals

The gentlest and most effective dog toothbrush with ultrasound: The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is the most advanced tool for your dog´s dental care and prevents tartar and inflammation of the gums when used regularly. With innovative ultrasonic technology, it ensures gentle and thorough cleaning, ideal for large and small dogs.

emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs - innovation in focus

Discover the future of dental care for dogs with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush - an innovation that makes all the difference. When it comes to caring for your faithful companion, only the best is good enough. The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs is at the forefront of innovation and offers a revolutionary way to promote your dog's dental health.

Our ultrasonic technology is the key to effective yet gentle cleaning. Unlike conventional toothbrushes that rely on mechanical brushing, the emmi-pet toothbrush uses high-frequency vibrations to reduce plaque and bacteria. This not only provides a deeper clean, but also makes brushing a stress-free experience for your dog.

Particularly suitable for small dogs, the compact brush head of the emmi-pet toothbrush reaches every corner of your dog's mouth, ensuring a comprehensive clean. Regular use can prevent the build-up of tartar and gum disease and even reduce the frequency of professional dental cleanings.

Invest in your dog's health with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush, an ideal choice for responsible pet owners who value advanced care. Your dog deserves the best dental care - and with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush you can give him just that. Discover now how easy and efficient dental care can be for your four-legged friend.

The gentlest and most effective dog toothbrush with ultrasound

Discover the gentlest and most effective solution for your dog's dental care: the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. This innovative toothbrush is more than just a simple grooming tool - it is a revolution in oral hygiene for dogs.

In terms of aesthetics, the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush impresses with its sleek, modern design. The comfortable handle makes it easy to handle for regular use.

The functionality of the emmi-pet toothbrush is particularly remarkable. The brush head contains a piezo chip that generates up to 96 million multi-frequency vibrations per minute. These multi-frequency vibrations effectively reduce plaque and stimulate the gums, providing a gentle and calm cleaning experience for your pet and actively reducing gingivitis.

The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush stands out as a gentle and effective solution for your dog's teeth and gums. It offers the following benefits: stimulation of the vascular system in the gums, thorough and gentle cleaning without mechanical brushing, high success rate in maintaining oral hygiene and teeth cleaning in dogs, gentle yet efficient cleaning capabilities.

Despite the innovative technology, the emmi-pet is uncomplicated to use. The ultrasonic vibrations do the cleaning work, so you simply hold the brush head gently on your pet's teeth without scrubbing or brushing. The process is much less stressful for your pet as no traditional back-and-forth brushing motion is required.

Dog toothbrush for small dogs - and big dogs!

Discover the perfect solution for the dental care of small and large dogs: the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. This innovative toothbrush combines advanced technology with ease of use to ensure optimal oral hygiene for dogs of all sizes.

An outstanding feature of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is the small brush head. This special brush head is ideal for cleaning the incisors and small molars of small dogs. The compact design makes it possible to reach areas that a normal brush might miss, ensuring a thorough clean for your little four-legged friend.

The benefits of using the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for small dogs are considerable. It provides a gentle but deep clean without the need for manual brushing. Based on user reviews and patented technology, the product contributes significantly to the overall dental health of small dogs.

Using the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is easy even for small dogs. The process involves gently holding the brush head over the teeth to ensure that the ultrasonic waves reach all areas. It is important to use a special ultrasonic toothpaste with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush to achieve optimal results. Following the instructions and using the correct toothpaste will promote optimal dental health for your pet.

The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush offers small dogs a gentle and quiet deep cleaning experience. Features include the patented 100% ultrasonic brush head, making it particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitive or inflamed gums, reducing inflammation and preventing disease without causing pain or discomfort.

But not only small dogs benefit from the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. With regular use, it also provides effective, gentle cleaning for large dogs, promoting oral health across all sizes.

Dental care for dogs - what do you need to consider?

Ideally, you should brush your dog's teeth daily, but brushing two to three times a week is also acceptable, especially when using a dog toothbrush. When it comes to frequency of dental care, the rule is: the more often, the better.

Unfortunately, if oral hygiene is neglected, plaque can build up in dogs, which can lead to gum damage and tooth loss. This prevents painful problems and the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush can play a crucial role in preventing such problems. In addition, the dog can benefit from improved oral hygiene, especially the dog that receives regular dental care.

Common methods of cleaning a dog's teeth include:

  • Applying dog toothpaste directly to the teeth and gums
  • Brushing teeth with a special dog toothbrush
  • Using special chew toys and food to help clean teeth

With the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush, ultrasonic technology is used for deep cleaning that can reach even the tightest spaces between the teeth, far beyond mere brushing. This is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal oral hygiene for young or old dogs, as many users report that they "feel good" and notice a noticeable improvement in oral health, all without pain or anesthesia. We have established the process and benefits of this technology that sets it apart from traditional methods.

In real-life scenarios, the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush has proven to be effective in maintaining a dog's oral hygiene. However, like any product, it does have its challenges. Some dogs may be wary of the toothbrush at first and it may take some time and patience for them to become familiar with the process. However, with consistent use, most dogs get used to the device and the gentle cleaning process it provides.

Buy a dog toothbrush - dog dental care in brush form

A radiant smile is not only essential for us humans, but also for our faithful four-legged friends. You know the importance of thorough teeth cleaning and therefore use toothpaste and a toothbrush every day. Just like you, your dog deserves the best care for his teeth. That's why we present the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs - a revolution in dog dental care.

At emmi-pet, we understand how important effective oral hygiene is for animals. That's why we have worked intensively on dental care for dogs and can now recommend the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. This innovative toothbrush uses ultrasonic technology to gently and thoroughly clean your dog's teeth without irritating the gums.

The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush has been specially developed for dogs and reaches every corner of the dog's teeth with its unique brush head. The ultrasonic technology ensures deep cleaning and helps to effectively remove plaque and discoloration. This provides optimum support for your dog's dental health, without any harmful chemicals or aggressive brushing movements.

Let your dog benefit from gentle and thorough dental care too. Choose the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush and invest in the health and well-being of your four-legged friend!

Advantages of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs

The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush offers numerous advantages. It enables efficient cleaning of the teeth and gums, reduces bacteria in the dog's saliva, plaque and bad breath. It also promotes blood circulation to the gums and prevents tartar by reducing plaque. All these aspects contribute to a significant improvement in your dog's dental health.

The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush comes with some impressive features. Without brushing, it cleans painlessly and gently yet thoroughly, the ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the gums to reduce plaque and bacteria from tight spaces between the teeth. This reduces inflammation, prevents tartar and gum disease through gentle and silent deep cleaning and can prevent certain diseases and contribute to a longer and healthier life for your pet.

Another great benefit of using the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is its potential to reduce the need for professional dental cleanings by a veterinarian. Please note, it does not replace a visit to the vet and we recommend having your dog's teeth professionally checked regularly. Regular use of this toothbrush can help prevent tartar and gingivitis, saving you time and money on veterinary dental cleanings.

How do I get my dog used to brushing his teeth with the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush?

In any case: Slowly! It's better to start on the outside first by massaging the inside and outside of your four-legged friend's mouth. Each exercise session must of course be followed by a great treat that makes the procedure worthwhile. You can then gradually move the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush along the body and stroke it so that your dog doesn't feel threatened. For the final tooth cleaning, dip the ultrasonic toothbrush in water and use our emmi-pet toothpaste for a silent ultrasonic tooth cleaning. The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs is the least stressful solution and is a real alternative to conventional and mechanical tooth cleaning methods - give it a try!